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Anarchy is the concept of being free-minded and totally free-willed away from the oppressions of order. As the concept of government is harmonious order: or at least that’s what the goal is, there must be those who must rule over others. When this happens those who “rule” usually end up corrupt, seeing as power usually changes people, and thus, ends up violating their constituents.

In order to free the world of this corrupt tyranny, it is absolutely necessary to change our ways and learn to exist on our own, independent, at peace within ourselves and our surroundings: just living, free of dependency. The question is, Will men heed my warnings and learn to live independent, or will they continue to be the ignorant fools they have been for millennia? They are but mere child-like-infants in comparison to those who will inevitably come after; but only they can change their ways now.

I have come to the conclusion that, ultimately, Anarchy will be the world’s last best hope, not Democracy as Abraham Lincoln stated in his notoriously known Gettysburg Address. Democracy as any other form of government before it, will wind up falling just the same.

Anarchy will not function in this world unless men learn to rid themselves of paranoia and ignorance and whole host of other negative characteristics. Also, in order to have a world of Anarchy, where men are all at the mercy of their own wills, men must learn to rid themselves of religious dependency and the tendencies to impulsively resort to war at the first sign of confrontation.

All of this deals with Nuclear Weapons and such, seeing as these weapons are what leave the world at the brink of total destruction whenever two countries bearing them square off. If it were not for these terrible weapons of mass destruction, I wouldn’t mind that men mindlessly sacrifice themselves for this cause or that: I would just sit back and laugh; introverted I would be: oblivious to anything that the ridiculous men around me were doing. But sadly, that isn’t the world we live in; with nuclear warheads and such, which make it a necessity to end war, we must learn to get rid of all this ignorance.

If we listened, with our ears as open as they could possibly be, to John Lennon’s Imagine, wouldn’t have enemies: there’d be no war. If you may recall, having understood the lyrics to this song, John Lennon states, “Imagine there’s no heaven... it’s easy if you try… no hell below us… above us only sky… Imagine there’s no country… it isn’t hard to do… nothing to kill or die for… and no religion too… Imagine no possessions… I wonder if you can… no need for greed or hunger… our brotherhood of man… Imagine all the people, living life in peace… Imagine all the people living for today… Imagine all the people sharing all the world… you may say Im a dream, but im not the only one… I hope someday you will join us… and the world will live as ONE. I like X’s quote the best, which talks of living alone as one and living amongst millions, to survive we must unite as one, or perish.

This concept is years ahead of it’s time and it may take all of these years until every last mind is caught up to this concept.

Ultimately, anarchy will only thrive if people are in this “tuning”; if not, as they are now, anarchy cannot work, and it is because of these fools and their unresolved issues which leave us imprudently doubting anarchy. It is the mindset we can learn to forget as we are not barbaric beasts who must fight over our problems. We must learn to become more philosophic in our mindsets, or impassive. Learn to cooperate with others while there is no one to tell you to do so, this is Anarchy. This Anarchy is all about self-discipline and self-enlightenment and understanding.
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